SCAC Announcements – Winter 2017

Seniorama 2017: Senior & Retiree Housinglogo

Current Operating Status of the EZ Ride Senior Bus: Normal   
Call 201-939-4242 Ext. 1 to Schedule a Ride)
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Nov. 9, 2017, Seniorama 2017: Senior & Retiree Housing

Realities in Montclair: Challenges & Opportunities

Do you want to be part of changing the senior housing landscape?


Seniors in Taxis (S.I.T.) Project: The Department of Health and Human services has  Discount Taxi Voucher booklets for sale.  Senior citizens who purchase these voucher booklets will be able to use them to pay a discounted rate for taxi rides when they ride with cooperating Montclair taxi cab companies. This project is paid for by a grant from Partners for Health  (Seniors in Taxis Fact Sheet)

Senior Bus Service: As of Feb. 1, 2017, E-Z Ride has taken over management of bus service. Current riders should look for a white bus.  No substantives changes to route this month.

  1. SCAC Position Paper on Missing Middle Senior Housing: On January 25, 2017, Ann Lippel, SCAC Chair, delivered a position paper to the Montclair Housing Commission.  

    2017 Missing Middle Position Paper

     2. Historic Action 2017: Montclair Town Council Approves      Resolution to Establish Senior Center


     3. SCAC Position Papers: 2015 Transportation Survey