Purpose and Role

Group of Montclair residents in front of apartment scene spelling out word Montclair

  • The Montclair Senior Citizen Advisory Committee (SCAC) functions as the eyes and ears of the Town Council. Accordingly, the SCAC makes recommendations to the Council about matters relevant to the Township’s seniors. The SCAC is a conduit of information to relevant commissions and committees, the public, and other organizations of interest.
  • The goal of the SCAC is to champion issues relevant to the age-friendliness of Montclair. For 28 years SCAC has played this role, with the help and support of Montclair’s Health Department, and in partnership with other community organizations.
  • The SCAC educational mission is advanced through: social media; TV34, Montclair’s public cable station; the press; and via formal and informal outreach and presentations.

Published Position Papers

SCAC Accomplishments – 2014