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SCAC Joint Position Paper on Development of Upper Church Street Property

SCAC Announcements – Summer 2015

  1. Housing Information:  The Piazza and Associates  web site is full of useful information about affordable housing in Montclair and other New Jersey Municipalities.  The site has a downloadable application for the newly advertised affordable units for the Valley and Bloom apartments.
  2. The SCAC is grateful to Partners for Health for funding a  pilot project to launch a Seniors in Transit (S.I.T.) taxi voucher discount program in the fall of 2015.  Watch this space for more details in a few months.
  3. Breaking News July 1, 2015: Newly embedded and searchable SCAC Event Calendar (under Event Tab on this site) carries a new tag line: Public Events for 3rd Age: Life Without Limits.    An explanation of 3rd Age: Life Without Limits will be forthcoming soon.

TRENTON –  Senator Nia Gill was successful at  shepherding two age-friendly bills past the committee level in the NJ Senate on Monday, June 8, 2015.  Senator Nia H. Gill, Penny Carey (Montclair SCAC) and Ann Lippel (Montclair SCAC) testified before the NJ Senate Community and Urban Affairs committee on Monday, June 8, 2015.  After testimony, the bill package [S2523 & S2524 described below] passed out of committee.  The SCAC is very grateful to Senator Gill for her leadership in making New Jersey a place where its seniors can ‘age in place” with dignity. Where does the legislation go from here? The Senate bills will go to the full Senate for a vote. The companion NJ Assembly bills has yet to come out of committee.  Watch this space for updates on progress through the Assembly.

What can you do to help move this process forward?  Click here.