Day (or Night) Tripping: Getting Here and There In and Around Montclair

For The Montclair Times October 22, 2015 Issue

Submitted by the Senior Citizen Advisory Committee (SCAC)

Seniorama 2015: Day (or Night) Tripping: Getting Here and There In and Around Montclair

Have you ever thought how you would get around Montclair and its environs without a car? It turns out that our Town is better equipped with local transportation options than most suburban towns in our area. But is this transportation network age friendly? The answer to this question is a good measurement for how successfully folks in Montclair will age in place. The number of mobility options seniors have for Day (or Night Tripping): Getting Here and There In and Around Montclair is the subject of the upcoming November 5, 2015 SCAC 17th annual Seniorama.


On November 5, 2015, the Senior Citizen’s Advisory Committee (SCAC) will hold its 17th annual Seniorama at the Montclair High School Atrium between 10 am and 2:30 pm. Admission is free and parking is available. Keynoters Karen Alexander, NJTIP@ Rutgers, and Elie Ferrer Regional Manager – Meadowlink/EZ Ride, will review what we have in Montclair and what more can be done to increase local transit mobility. Montclair resident Leah Johnston Rowbotham (MS.,APM.Board Certified, Seton Hall U.) will present her workshop on To Drive or Not to Drive…. a question of great substance…….


There will be a light lunch, raffles, give-aways and hands-on demonstrations compliments of NJ Transit and De Camp) bus lines as well as a Genesis Rehab Services adapted automobile. Over fifteen representatives from local, County and State agencies will be available to take questions. And, the new Seniors in Taxis [S.I.T.] discount voucher project will be unveiled.


Ann Lippel, Chair of the SCAC, commented that “our research over the years has shown that not knowing about transportation options discourages seniors from taking advantage of the services we already have. Seniorama 2015 hopes to overcome this knowledge gap. Age-friendliness and transportation independence are intertwined.”


People who are interested in ride-sharing to the event (either as riders or drivers) should send an email contact information to


This SCAC event has been funded by the Partners for Health Foundation with support from Aging In Montclair, Inc. [A.I.M.], Lifelong Montclair, NJTIP @ Rutgers, and Montclair Dept. of Health & Human Services.


Registration: E-mail or Call (973) 509 – 4970