Seniors in Taxis [S.I.T.]

Features of S.I.T. for 2017

If you are over 62 and a Montclair resident, you are eligible to  purchase discount vouchers.

  • How the 50%  discount voucher process works
    • customer calls one of cooperating taxi cabs companies and informs dispatcher that he/she is requesting a Seniors on Taxis ride
      • customer tells dispatcher where he/she wants to go
      • dispatcher quotes how much the ride will cost
      • If customer is satisfied, confirms time frame with dispatcher
      • when reach destination, customer pays for ride with vouchers and tips driver with cash from own pocket
  • Discount voucher booklets can only be purchased at the Montclair Department of Health, 3rd floor of the Montclair Municipal Building, 205 Claremont Ave. Bring your Medicare Card and proof of address with you.


The S.I.T.  project was paid for by  a grant from Partners for Health.