RYDE-4LIFE Replaces Seniors in Taxis [S.I.T.]

Features of Ryde-4Life for 2019

(The S.I.T. program was retired in December, 2018. We encourage you to use Ryde-4Life as an Alternative.)

  • If you are over 55 and a Montclair resident, you are eligible to become a member of our Ryde-4Life plan. Montclair Ryde4Life is a dispatched, private pick up and drop off service, managed by E-ZRIDE, the Township’s senior bus provider. Riders can reserve rides to personal destinations of choice on any day of the week. Participating riders must use a cell phone, but do not need a smart phone. The Ryde-4Life dispatcher books your ride on available and vetted vehicles. (Ride sharing can be arranged; ask the dispatcher how ride sharing works in this network. ) For more details call, 866-208-1307, option 4.

How the Ryde-4Life  process works:

  • customer becomes a member of the transportation network for a fee of $15.00
    • member registers a credit or debit card with a minimum fee set by Ryde-4Life
    • customer calls the dispatcher at 866-208-1307, option 4 to request a ride
      • customer tells dispatcher where he/she wants to go
      • dispatcher quotes how much the ride will cost
      • dispatcher confirms time frame with customer
      • no money is transferred; when ride is completed, customer’s credit or debit card is charged appropriately.

The Ryde-4Life  project has been underwritten by the 2018 Community Impact Award received by Katie York and Ann Lippel from Partners for Health.